We prepared this blog-like Istanbul Travel Guide in order to provide safe information to foreigners who will travel to Istanbul. We are local people studied in Istanbul, specifically Bogazici University. We hope, It will beneficial for Istanbul travelers.

Istanbul Transportation Guide

Istanbul is a city that receives 15 million tourists a year. Turkey’s largest city in population maintenance. Millions of foreigners come to this city every year for tourist, education, health and business purposes. We are preparing…

Galataport Istanbul: New Istanbul Cruise Port

Galataport Istanbul is the new cruise port of the city. This Cruise port has been closed for 200 years. This historical building has been turned into an enormous tourist attraction.

Best Places to Eat in Istanbul City Center

In this post, We made a subjective list of the best affordable places to eat in Beyoglu. We experienced those restaurants many times for years. Those are also favourite places of the locals. Therefore, you can…

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